LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / January 13, 2022 / Golden Matrix Group Inc. (OTCQX:GMGI), a developer and licensor of online gaming platforms, systems and gaming content, today reported that it had achieved record revenues of $9,333,492 in the nine-month transition period ended October 31, 2021. The company has recently changed its fiscal year from January 31 to October 31.

Highlights for the Nine Months Ended October 31, 2021:

  • Revenues of $9,333,492 in the nine-month transition period ended October 31, 2021, an increase of 185% on revenues of $3,271,653 in the comparable year-ago nine-month period.
  • Net income of $648,072 versus net income of $345,922 in the comparable year-ago nine-month period.
  • Adjusted EBITDA of $1,654,187 when excluding interest expense, interest income, amortization expense and stock-based compensation expense. *
  • Cash on hand of $16,797,656 and total assets of $20,458,948, up from $11,706,349 and $13,814,547, respectively, as of January 31, 2021.
  • Total liabilities of $1,530,839, up from $552,610 as of January 31, 2021.
  • Shareholders’ equity of $18,928,109, up from $13,261,937 as of January 31, 2021.
  • Operator and registered user numbers top 520 and 5.3 million, respectively, as of October 31, 2021.
  • Aggregation gambling platform (GM-Ag) currently adopted by nine operators in five countries.
  • Subsequent event: Acquisition of 80 percent controlling ownership interest in UK-based RKings marks GMGI’s entry into its first regulated market in the B2C space, and meaningful expansion into a key geographic market outside of the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.


The company also noted it has recorded 13 consecutive quarters of profitability.

The significant increase in nine-month revenues over the revenues recorded in the comparable year-ago nine-month period was primarily a result of GMGI’s increased number of gaming operators and their registered players. The improved performance was also attributable to strong revenue contributions from non-related-party distributors, which accounted for an increase in cost of goods sold and a decrease in gross profit margin. Additionally, a noncash charge of $359,419 for stock-based compensation also contributed to an increase in cost of goods sold.

While GMGI’s revenues have been derived traditionally from licensing fees received from gaming operators located in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, the company has started to expand into new geographic markets through the adoption of GM-Ag, its aggregate gambling platform introduced in August 2021, and the recent acquisition of 80 percent controlling ownership interest in UK-based RKings Competitions Ltd. (, a scalable B2C platform that generated revenues in excess of approximately $30 million USD in its recent fiscal year ended October 31, 2021. GMGI and RKings now share the same fiscal year going forward, and contributions from RKings are expected to boost revenues and cash flow and be immediately accretive to GMGI earnings moving forward.

“Considering these developments,” said Golden Matrix CEO Brian Goodman, “we are extremely pleased with the implementation of our long-term growth strategy. As a complement to the strong revenue growth being generated by our GM-X platform, we expect adoptions of the GM-Ag platform to increase in multiple regions as operators appreciate the distinct benefits it offers: a diverse portfolio of gaming products on one single platform that can be integrated seamlessly with their existing business systems, as well as value-added features such as player acquisition and retention tools.

“Also, the recent RKings transaction is highly significant because it accomplishes two important objectives: our entry into a high-growth and profitable B2C vertical, and expansion into the dynamic UK market, with the opportunity to expand RKings’ unique program into other countries. This and other strategic opportunities now under consideration are expected to serve to facilitate our entry into additional B2B and B2C markets, improve operating margins, accelerate both revenues and earnings, and expand the company’s global footprint.”

Mr. Goodman concluded, “As a result, we anticipate Golden Matrix demonstrating accelerated growth and strong financial performance in this new fiscal year; and we are grateful to all our stakeholders for their continued support.”

For additional information on Golden Matrix’s financial performance, please refer to the Company’s Transition Report on 10-K, for the transition period ended October 31, 2021, available at or

* Adjusted EBITDA is a non-GAAP financial measure. See also “Non-GAAP Financial Measures” and “Reconciliation of Net Income attributable to Golden Matrix Group Inc., to Adjusted Earnings excluding Interest Expense, Interest Income, Amortization Expense and Stock-based Compensation Expense” included in the tables at the end of this release.

A summary of the Company’s performance and highlights can be found at

About Golden Matrix

Golden Matrix Group, based in Las Vegas NV, is an established gaming technology company that develops and owns online gaming IP and builds configurable and scalable white-label social gaming platforms for its international customers, located primarily in the Asia Pacific region. The gaming IP includes tools for marketing, acquisition, retention and monetization of users. The Company’s platform can be accessed through both desktop and mobile applications.

Our sophisticated software automatically declines any gaming or redemption requests from within the United States, in strict compliance with current US law.

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See also “Non-GAAP Financial Measures”, above.


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