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XBRL Files

Period End DateFormHtml File
October 28, 2020Annual Transition Report (10-KT)

October 28, 2020Quarterly Report (10-Q)

September 8, 2020Quarterly Report (10-Q)

April 30, 2020Quarterly Report (10-Q)

January 31, 2020Annual Transition Report (10-KT)

January 31, 2020Quarterly Report (10-Q)

October 31, 2019Quarterly Report (10-Q)

July 31, 2019Annual Report (10-K)

April 30, 2019Quarterly Report (10-Q)

January 31, 2019Quarterly Report (10-Q)

October 31, 2018Quarterly Report (10-Q)

July 31, 2018Annual Report (10-K)

April 30, 2018Quarterly Report (10-Q)

January 31, 2018Quarterly Report (10-Q)

October 31, 2017Quarterly Report (10-Q)

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