Cathy is a co-founder of GMGI and holds a Masters of Commerce Degree; she has worked in the financial arena for more than 10 years. Ms. Feng has the ability to maintain accurate financial management systems and processes, interpret, analyze and present financial and related information to facilitate the business decisions to grow businesses and resolve complex problems.


Cathy has extensive experience in financial reporting for US public companies, including preparation of all financial statements, budgets, forecasts, cost allocations, investor disclosure, management financial reports, as well as preparing the Notes and the MD&A in conjunction with vast experience in dealing with compliance and regulations with particular respect to the SEC and FINRA.


Cathy works well with senior management to provide financial insights to help support business growth, strategy and operational effectiveness.


Cathy’s strong financial background, professional qualifications and extensive experience in working with US Public OTC companies, enables her to play an important role in the financial management and success of the company.