Brian Goodman

Chief Executive Officer

Brian Goodman Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Goodman has more than 20 years of diverse senior management experience within the iGaming industry. Through this period, Mr. Goodman has established an international reputation and extensive executive network of contacts.

Zoran Milošević

CEO of Merdianbet Group

Zoran Milošević Coming Soon

Cathy Feng

Chief Operating Officer

Cathy Feng Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer: Ms. Feng has more than 10 years of service in executive roles within the iGaming industry. Ms. Feng holds a Bachelor of Science from Fudan University and a Master of Commerce from the University of Sydney.

Omar Jimenez

Chief Financial and Compliance Officer

Omar Jimenez Chief Financial and Compliance Officer: Mr. Jimenez has held multiple senior financial management and operational positions within publicly companies, including NextPlay Technologies, Monaker Group, American Leisure Holdings and Onyx Group.

Brett Goodman

VP of Business Development

Brett Goodman Senior Vice President: Mr. Goodman has previously held management positions for both SaaS and finance organisations, including Okta, Lacework and Cambridge Securities. Mr Goodman holds both a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Economics from the University of New South Wales.

Henry Zhang

Chief Technology Officer

Henry Zhang Chief Technology Officer: Mr. Zhang has more than 10 years experiencing working in executive level technology positions within the iGaming industry. Henry plays a key role in evolving GMGI’s Technology business to lead and shape the industry. He was instrumental in launching the GM-Ag system.