Investor Centre


Board of Directors

Brian Goodman

Chief Executive Officer

Brian Goodman Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Goodman has more than 20 years of diverse senior management experience within the iGaming industry. Through this period, Mr. Goodman has established an international reputation and extensive executive network of contacts.

Cathy Feng

Chief Operating Officer

Cathy Feng Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer: Ms. Feng has more than 10 years of service in executive roles within the iGaming industry. Ms. Feng holds a Bachelor of Science from Fudan University and a Master of Commerce from the University of Sydney.

Thomas McChesney

Independent Director

Thomas McChesney Independent Director: Mr. McChesney has extensive board and executive level experience for internationally renowned organisations, including TrueBlue, Blackwell Donaldson and Nations Express.

Murray G. Smith

Independent Director

Murray G. Smith Independent Director: Mr. Smith has more than 27 years accounting and finance leadership experience, serving as CFO for Craft Canning + Bottling, Paulson Capital Corporation and Jewett-Cameron Trading Company.

William Scott

Independent Director

William Scott Coming Soon